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These pages on Mathematics are for those who don't like Mathematics or who hated maths at school as well as for those at school (or who left school a long while ago) who want to see a fun side of maths and who like to play with numbers. The level of mathematics required is what would be taught up to GCSE (age 15) in UK schools and rarely does it need A-level skills (age 17, pre university).

The Fibonacci Numbers

Fibonacci Numbers a collection of information on Fibonacci numbers (0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,...) and the Golden section ( 0.61803... and 1.61803...)
This Fibonacci page was originally developed in 1995 and went live on the web in March 1996 making it now one of the longest running active pages on Mathematics on the web!
At the top it includes links to the pages shown here below. The whole site is hosted by the University of Surrey. This page alone still gets more than 3000-5000 visits per day.
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Dr E Lawrence and myself, members of Surrey University Mathematics Department, were part of a large UK government Teaching and Learning Technology Project (TLTP) called Mathwise, although now that name has been used by several other individuals and groups unassociated with this project.
It aimed to provide maths software to link school and university mathematics, involving 23 UK universities developing activities and assessment on 40 topics in mathematics, ending in about 1995.
Mathwise never really reached its full potential because it was developed on a both PCs and Macs using a variety of software, some of which soon became obsolete. The PC and Mac software was never integrated into one unified and accessible system.
I developed this Fibonacci page after Mathwise to see if the (then new) internet could be used to communicate maths, having the advantages that It was designed as both a resource for teachers as well as for keen (and not-so-keen) students who wanted to explore topics off the main school curriculum. Hence each webpage is longer than has now become the norm on the web so that each could be downloaded and viewed at leisure offline, dating from the days when a wi-fi connection was still rare, costly and very slow.
This page gained many awards in its early days.

Other Recreational Mathematics topics


An interactive Randomiser
that can produce random cards, coins, dice, integers and items for games or statistical exercises.
the GCSE (Attainment) Test
that generates variations on 50 questions, marks, detects common errors, and shows the correct answer and provides bar charts of your results. It was originally developed for the Mathematics Enhancement Programme at Exeter University as a resource for Mathematics teachers.
A-level Mathematics Interactive Tests
One page on each of about 120 topics for Mathematics A and AS Level developed for MEI and also available on their website.

Other topics and some Maths Jokes

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Dr Ron Knott

Ph.D, M.Sc, B.Sc (Pure Maths), C.Math, FIMA, C.Eng, MBCS, CITP

Visiting Fellow, Department of Mathematics,
formerly Lecturer in Mathematics and Computing Science Departments (1979-1998)
Faculty of Electronics and Physical Sciences,
University of Surrey,

Email: enquiry( AT )ronknott( DOT )com

I was a lecturer in the Departments of Mathematics and Computing Science at the University of Surrey, Guildford, UK, for 19 years until September 1998 when I left to start working for myself making web pages for maths education sites.
I now give mathematics talks to students at schools and universities as well as to general audiences, teachers' conferences and Science Festivals on topics of the web pages above:
especially the Fibonacci Numbers and why they occur so often in plants, Fun with Fractions, As Easy As Pi, ... .

I now live in Bolton, near Manchester, UK.

Recent talks, articles and events

Please contact me by email at if you want to enquire about a talk at your school or society or Science Festival suitable for a general audience or for mathematics students.
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