About me

On this page you can look at the course I followed and the modules which I took throughout my degree course.

Name: Emma Thomas
Degree: BSc Honors Degree Mathematics with Business Studies

First Year Courses

Linear Algebra, Techniques in Calculus I, Techniques in Calculus II, Mathematical Methods 1, Foundations of Mathematics, Probability & Statistics, Data Analysis, Computing Resources, Programming Languages, Exp. & Comp. Mathematics, Business Accounting, Business Economics.

Second year courses

Mathematical Methods 2, Ordinary Differential Equations, Modelling for Business, Business strategy, Algebra, Linear Models, Business Control, Numerical & Computation Maths, Introduction to Operations Research, Business Finance, Groups & Symmetry, Modelling & Simulation.

Third year courses

Partial Differential equations, Financial Management, Mathematical Economics, Risk management and introduction to modelling and numerics of partial differential equations.

Final year project: was to create this website!

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