If you are interested in learning more about what courses are available, follow the link below:

Degree Information for Prospective Students

Here is a list of some of the courses available (modules vary depending on course chosen)

First year

Mathematical Methods, Techniques in Calculus, Foundations of Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Techniques in Calculus 2, Experimental and Computational Mathematics, Aspects of Applied Mathematics , Numbers, Functions and Analysis, Data Analysis, Probability and Statistics, Programming Languages, Business Economics, Accounting, Euro-language and Principles of Economics

Second year

Mathematical Methods, Numerical and Computational Methods, Introduction to Metric Spaces, Ordinary Differential Equations, Complex Analysis, Groups & Symmetry, Fluid Dynamics, Modelling for Business, Lagrangian Dynamics Algebra, Linear Models, Mathematical Statistics, Introduction to Operations Research, Statistical Methods, Applied Probability, Business Control, Business Finance, Business Strategy, Eurolanguage 2, Computer Technology, Intelligent Systems, Algorithms and Data Structures, Information Modelling, Modelling and Simulation, Object-Oriented Software Engineering and Software Design.

Third year

Galois Theory, Nonlinear Patterns, Partial Differential Equations, Differential Forms and Applications, Chaos and Fractals, Mathematical Economics, Introduction to Functional Analysis, Introduction to Hamiltonian Dynamics, Introduction to Modelling and Numerics for PDE's, Functional Analysis, Hamiltonian Dynamics, Modelling and Numerics for PDEs, Bayesian Statistics, Advanced Statistical Methods, Statistical Methods for Business, Mathematical Studies Project, Computing Project, Literature Review, Mathematics Education, Financial Management, Risk Management, Formal Models and Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks, Advanced Simulation, Web Technologies, Safety and Security in Distributed Systems and Languages & Computability

Forth year (masters students)

Functional Analysis, Hamiltonian Dynamics, Modelling and Numerics for PDE's, Bifurcation Theory, MMath Project, Image Recognition & Vision and Spacecraft Dynamics

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